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Premium Interior Textiles


Family heritage and craftsmanship

Prosetex is an Italian mill that produces upholstery fabrics and velvets since 1964 – starting from the creation, up to the finished product.

An authentic “Made in Italy” reality, well known for the great experience and strong specialization in the textile field. A peculiarity: the excellence of making. Because creativity, passion and innovation are the main strengths that move Prosetex. Through a factory organization that involves the crucial branches of the mill.
In factory organization, we could imagine a scheme composed by warp and weft, because Prosetex is like a twist of specific competences tied by an established plan, but this can easily change accordingly to different projects and objects. We join technique to creativity, stylistic research to innovation, capacity to experience to tradition. The result? Jacquard velvets and plains, jacquard and dobby fabrics, requested and appreciated by the Italian and international market.

Established in 1964

… as an handcrafted small mill, family run, Prosetex has grown into an industrial reality producing and worldwide exporting a wide range of quality products. Prosetex produces and sells furnishing fabrics – especially jacquard velvets, plain velvets, jacquard flat weaves and ratiere fabrics with experience and care almost close to a handcrafted process, supported by technologically advanced machinery and by a completely automated productive process.

Quality starts from inside

Starting from any internal procedure, Prosetex adopts systems to aide continuous improvement, these are also the essence of the Company.
New ways of management allows for the mix of different functions, starting from the data base, passing through purchase orders for raw materials, yarn treatments up to production planning and handling of the finishing step.

In this way a unique system is able to get together the various activities, with special attention to production planning, a quick use of the interface user, easy consultation, to the possibility (from sales side) to work remotely.
Finally, another dedicated interface allows us to share files and documents, as well as the organization and consultation of the archive.

The creativity processes

Every season Prosetex is involved in creating new designs and colours: chromatic suggestions, textile invention, mix and match of styles and compositions.
The way of working has several important steps, starting from documentation and creation, accordingly, to new trend and fashion of the moment, adapted with exclusive and original interpretations.

Then prototypes are realized, a crucial phase for the setup of the final fabric, meant to put together the different comments of the people involved.
Once the main lines have been fixed, we start preparing samples, precious tools that show the great experience of the mill, and at the same time give important ideas in planning and final use in the different fields.
Apart from creating Prosetex own collections, the design studio is ready to respond to special or customized requests.
Finally, a large warehouse is constantly updated to help with further stylistic and commercial requests.

Residential velvet and jacquard

With their characteristics of artistic flair and global quality, Prosetex fabrics can value every furnishing project of all upholstery producers and all high end editors that wish to find the Made in Italy importance.


Outdoor produced by Prosetex is the result of our research, innovation and technological development. The furnishing market has re-discovered outdoor as a great commercial development; Also for this reason Prosetex offers a dedicated collection, with specific characteristics for lightfastness, saltiness and Chlorine resistancy, with antibacterial compositions. Nevertheless these fabrics, 100% recyclable, do offer our usual creativity and performances.


Everyone working in the contract furnishing – also non-textile – knows well how fabrics and materials dedicated to this particular use, must comply to specific rules of use and safety, under every point of view, to be part of all classic and contemporary project. Fabrics and velvets from Prosetex for contract use – “linea antifiamma2, 100% flame retardant and 100% Trevira CS, comply to every requirement for “Classe 1”, BS 5852, M1, B1, IMO_MED.

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